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Standard dimensions
No.  Dimension (Usable Width x Length mm)  Thickness (microns)  Price (€/pc)  Packaging
Ambalare produse
1 50 x 70 mm 40 my 0.0037 ; 100pcs
2 60 x 85 mm 40 my 0.0052 , 100pcs
3 70 x 100 mm 40 my 0.0061 ,100pcs
4 85 x 120 mm 40 my 0.0074 , 100pcs
5 100 x 140 mm 40 my 0.0097 ,100pcs
6 120 x 170 mm 40 my 0.0115 , 100pcs
7 140 x 200 mm 40 my 0.0164 , 100pcs
8 170 x 240 mm (A5 format) 40 my 0.0210 ,100pcs
9 200 x 280 mm 40 my 0.026 ,100pcs
10 240 x 340 mm (A4 format) 40 my 0.038 , 100pcs
11 127 x 125 mm (CD packaging) 40 my 0.0101 ,100pcs
12 270 x 280 mm 40 my 0.0320 ,15 pc/cardboard box
13 300 x400 mm 40 my 0.085 ,100pcs

Other than standard sizes and thickness can be produced depending on your requests.

Prices are valid for a minimum quantity: 500 pieces / size. For orders in large quantities we can give discounts. Prices do not include VAT and carriage.

Size and thickness:

  • Width: 40-450 mm
  • Length : 60-400 mm
  • Thickness: 35-70 my

Standard product sizes can be delivered immediately from store.

Food preservation
Freezer bags are our main export products, especially in France and Germany markets. If you are a products supplier for chains, retail store (supermarket) or you are promoting various products, please contact us to give you unimaginable prices for zipper bags.
Zipper bags are the most practical package for: powders, dusts, books, jewelry, clothing objects, money, disposable products, household articles.
Electronic components
CD's, wiring, electronic components and electrical small and medium accessories can be packed in zipper bags to be protected from dust and impurities.
Packaging of various products
Pharmacies and hospitals (drugs, dust), the cosmetic industry, supplies (office supplies, documents, writing), food and bakery industry, textile industry (accessories)

Our products advantages:

  • perfect transparency: your product can be easily seen through the bag
  • free of dust and impurities: is it important to keep product away from dust? This is the solution! Use zipper bag and you have a pure product
  • no unpleasant odor: zippered bag is perfect, it keeps the product always fresh and protected from external compromising agents
  • easy to transport: just close the bag and your product will be safe for long
  • safety: from now on small or powdered products are safe in these bags, you will not miss one again!
  • "zipper" closure allows closing, opening the bag several times